Certification &
Learning Management System

Most associations offer, or require, courses and certifications for their members as part of their standard operations. This is usually achieved by using multiple systems to accomplish this goal. With Starling AMS the process for defining certifications and coursework is simplified.

Using our built-in certification management system your organization's education department can build and deploy certifications and define requirements for different member “involvement” types. Coursework can easily be hosted on external Learning Management Systems and linked to Starling for real-time updates. Starling lets your members track their progress and print their certificates from one simple interface.

Flexible LMS Integration

3rd Party Support

Starling provides out-of-the-box support for a few Learning Management Systems, with the capability to support most other providers easily.

Custom Certificate Generation

Certificate Builder

Using our intuitive drag & drop interface certificates can be built from coursework, with many advanced features like setting optional courses, groupings, expiring coursework, and automatic activate and deactivation of certificates & tracks.

Automated Certification Pathways

Chaining & Auto-Enrolling

We provide the ability for members to be auto-enrolled into required certificates based on their organization “involvement(s)”, and automatically enroll them into the next-level certificates based on them meeting requirements to ensure your members are always meeting their certification needs.

Access Control

Certificate Upsell

Starling AMS provides the capabilities to allow upselling of certificates and create member only certificates or limiting access to certain groups of your constituents.

Member Transcript Dashboard

Member Transcript View

Members can easily access their transcripts and coursework using their member’s dashboard – enhanced with all the points we offer as part of our "membership management module", They can print, track, and access their online course websites, facilitated via our SSO connection, and have access to real-time results.

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