Security, Compliance, & Integrity

Starling AMS prioritizes the security and integrity of user data through advanced cybersecurity measures and data management practices.

Our cybersecure framework and data sanitization processes instill confidence among users by ensuring that their information is protected against any threats while maintaining transparency in data handling. By leveraging analytical insights, we continuously refine and customize our services to better suit the evolving needs of our users.

The Starling AMS platform represents a holistic approach to customer service, combining technology, personalization, and security to foster a supportive, engaging, and secure environment for all users. This enhances the overall customer experience and supports the strategic goals of organizations.

Secure Transactions

PCI Compliant & Encryption

Starling AMS integrates with multiple payment providers to offer our end-users the best rates and greatest flexibility in reducing transaction costs. Furthermore, all transactions are 100% PCI compliant, complete with audit trials and reporting.

Security Assurance

Cybersecurity Framework

Our platform performs annual penetration tests to ensure its security against malicious attacks and has regular security audits to ensure best practices in cyber security measures are applied and being adhered to.

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High Availability

Reliability & Redundancy

Our SaaS solution is built on top of one of the leaders in cloud ervices, and as a certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Microsoft Azure, our scalable infrastructures have built-in services such as continuous monitoring and redundancies that allow us to maintain a 99.9% uptime.

Seamless Integration

3rd Party API Access

Starling AMS can easily interface with third-party APIs. Out of the box we provide multiple integrations with payment gateways, CRMs, accounting tools, business intelligence tools, marketing, email, and SMS providers, and more.

Starling Secure API – We offer standard and custom API, built using Auth2.0 specifications, that facilitates the connection and transfer of data to-from Starling AMS with any other 3rd party providers that may be specific to your business. We introduce no limitations or barriers in cross-communication between our system and your other providers - while maintaining data security & integrity.

Unified Access

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Create a seamless login experience for your members using your branded SSO page. Reduce the burden on your members by eliminating the need for different logins for various 3rd party solutions. Instead, use your own SSO screen to allow members to login with one set of credentials, on one platform, and access all the services your organization provides.

High Availability

Fraud & Spam Protection

One of the most common attacks by hackers is mass credit card validation using platforms that make abuse of their registration process easy. Starling AMS has anti-fraud workflows to make these tasks difficult for these types of fraudulent activities, keeping your members and organization safe.

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