Event & Facility Management

Starling AMS offers an integrated event management platform, eliminating the need for your organization to invest in another event platform that “almost” meets your unique event needs. Members can access relevant events directly from their dashboard, avoiding the need to navigate to other platforms and ensuring a seamless transaction from start to finish. Furthermore, having an integrated event management system provides additional benefits, such as shared facility and resource calendars, e-commerce and donation options via our dynamic checkout, and, above all, a higher level of member engagement.

Facility Oversight

Facility Management

Gain visibility into all facilities used by your organization and manage shared calendars to determine availability for event bookings. Member organizations with their own facilities can also recommend their facilities to be added to your facility pool, providing a central location for all facilities utilized by you and your members.

Versatile Event Creation

Event Builder

Create a variety of events to cover every scenario your organization may
encounter. You can organize events that are private and members only, public events, virtual events, and on-site events.

Customized Event Ticketing

Member Events & Ticket Limits

Starling AMS’s proprietary ticket builder tool allows you to build complex events and scenarios. Events can be designated as members only, have early or late registrations fees, be limited to regions or postal codes, and offer various ticket limits per transaction or waiting lists. There are dozens of configurations available to ensure your events meet the specific needs of your organization.


Promo Codes & Discounts

Offer promo codes and discounts for members and/or public
purchases to help promote and engage your audience and members.

Personalized Ticket Checkout

Dynamic Checkout

Similar to our membership workflows, Starling AMS’s module-based approach enables dynamic checkouts – where ticket purchasers only see and are offered options relevant to their order. This includes integrated donation collection, e-commerce product recommendations, pre- and post-checkout forms, among many more customizations.

Easy Mobile Ticket Purchase

Responsive Design

The ability to purchase event tickets from your phone or mobile device is essential and common sense, as more users engage with their tablets and phones for these types of transactions. Staling AMS continues to enhance its responsive design, offering an easy-to-navigate view for ticket purchases.

Seamless Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals & Purchase

One major benefit of an integrated event management system is the ability to introduce membership renewal easily and seamlessly, enabling new member purchases directly during the checkout process. This ensures members are up-to-date and improves revenue generation for your organization, while reducing the burden on the end-users.

Efficient Event Communication

Communication Tools

Event organizers can utilize our event communication tools to easily communicate event news and updates to attendees, send SMS notifications to users who have opted in to receive them, and make posts that will appear in users’ account feeds and real-time chat channels. We offer more ways to communicate with your constituents and keep them informed of upcoming events.

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