Membership Management

Having a “member-first” ecosystem that fosters engagement is critical for every membership driven organization. Our members’ dashboard serves as the portal for self- service functionality, empowering members to assist themselves while reducing call-center support. The dashboard also facilitates engagement by the organization with its members, using features such as access to online certification and learning management systems, dissemination of news and information, and engaging members with events and activities.

Starling AMS achieves this “Member-First” ecosystem with features such as:

Flexible Account Hierarchy

Account Hierarchy

Starling AMS integrates with multiple payment providers to offer our end-users the best rates and greatest flexibility in reducing transaction costs. Furthermore, all transactions are 100% PCI compliant, complete with audit trials and reporting.

Advanced Access Control

Roles & Permissions

Our in-depth permissions and roles management system allows multiple members to manage household or organization driven accounts. This hierarchy in access allows simple households or complex organizations to be able to manage access to self-serve functionalities and members’ data within their accounts, providing security and compliance where needed.

Customized Registration

Dynamic Registration

Every organization collects different information during the registration process. Starling AMS allows this important step in new member acquisition to be customized according to an organization's unique business needs, capturing the new members via customized screens in an easy-to-use, responsive, and secure workflow.

Automated Renewal Management


Built-in configurable auto-renewal policies based on organization's needs (monthly, yearly, or on the anniversary of joining), Starling AMS places the control of auto-renewal and payment management in the members’ hands, while ensuring high renewal rates to meet the organization’s membership quotas or goals.

Tailored Checkout Experience

Dynamic Checkout

Starling AMS’s module-based approach to technology enables dynamic checkouts, where members only see and are offered items relevant to their role within the organization. This includes Integrated donation collections, e-commerce product recommendations, pre- and post-checkout forms, and many more customizations.

Donation Integration

Foundation & Donations

For our non-profit clients, we provide simple yet effective workflows to collect donations as part of the dynamic checkout process. This ensures that the foundation message is conveyed to members and users, helping to meet your organization’s goals.

Efficient Account Management

Responsive Design

Seamless access on any device on-the-go. A mobile-ready design enables members to access their accounts for self-service functionalities and features without needing a desktop. This promotes member satisfaction and facilitates further engagement.

Comprehensive Account Dashboard

Event Registration

Using the built-in event calendar, members can easily view events relevant to them, register, track their progress, and check-in-- all online. They can receive real-time updates on events and messages from organizers through the event’s social feeds and chat channels, thereby reinforcing member engagement on a single platform.

High Availability

Digital Membership Cards

With QR support, as well as Google and Apple Wallet integration, members can conveniently use their digital wallet to access and present their membership status, whether online or on-site.

Seamless Integration

Real-Time Chat

Our platform's real-time chat capabilities are integrated into the user interface, providing a natural and intuitive communication channel. Members can easily start conversations, join group chats, or participate in community forums, enhancing the sense of belonging and community engagement.

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