CRM & Administrative Capabilities

Our back-end administrator dashboard empowers your Call Center and Member Experience Team with all the necessary tools to support your members' needs from a single view. The ability to quickly look up and access members’ accounts and take necessary actions is critical for providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

While Starling AMS provides the functionalities of a lean CRM for organizations that do not have one, it can also integrate with many standard CRMs, such as Salesforce. In doing so, it provides certain data integrity features that standard CRMs may lack.

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Efficient Account Management

Account Maintenance

Share, Split, Merge, and Claim functionality are 2 to 3-click intelligent tools Starling offers to Customer Support teams. These easy-to-use smart features enable fast account management and provide the ability to control members and accounts by sharing members across accounts, merging duplicates, and much more.

Configurable Search – The ability to rapidly find a member’s account, especially when they are on a call, is essential for ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Customizable and configurable search features allow fast and easy look up of members.

Comprehensive Account Dashboard

One-stop Admin View

We provide a single view to access all relevant information about a member and their account. This responsive and well-structured view allows support actions to be taken without the need to “dig” for information when supporting an account.

Audit Trail & Logs – In-depth audit trails and logs provide insight into an accounts state at any given time, providing valuable insight into what happened and why data is being presented as it is. With this information an informed decision can be made for any corrective actions when maintaining a member’s account.

High Availability

Account Impersonation

Being able to see what a member sees when they call your help desk for assistance is simple yet often overlooked functionality in most platforms. Starling AMS’s “possession” feature enables call center staff to see what the member sees to provide better assistance when needed.

Seamless Integration

Responsive Design

A responsive design is not just important for members, but also administrators. Situations can arise that a manager may need to assist a call center staff while on-the-go. Without needing to wait until they are behind a desktop, the capability to have the same functionality on a tablet or mobile provides more tools for faster resolution of issues.

“I was just able to process hundreds of certification verification applications right on my cellphone, thank you for making this so easy!”

Unified Access

CRM Integration

Salesforce and other CRMs are easily integrated with Starling AMS and vice versa. Our system uniquely addresses the common issues found in many CRMs: the lack of strict rules for ensuring data integrity and minimizing inaccuracies in database records. Our integration facilitates real-time data synchronization, ensuring that any updates made in external CRMs are immediately reflected in Starling AMS, and vice versa.

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